August 2015

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My sister and I love this 3 style patten by Hey June . I got to work with the View B scoop neck sweatshirt with high-low hem, twisted side seams, and in-seam pockets. My 14y sister modeled this, we used a ribbed sweater knit and ribbed knit on the sleeves, I did modify it to be 3 inches longer because she likes to wear leggings and have her butt covered. The sleeves were even long enough that when she raises her arms they dont ride up alot. Now that she has this, she wants more and she has me looking through thrift store for over sized or plus sized sweatshirt so i can upcyle to make her more of the high low sweatshirts. This also works great with terry knit and t-shirt knit.


Calypso Culottes by Whisk ’em

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I love the versatility of this pattern. I can use it on my 8m dd and use it on my 14y sister. The Whisk ‘Em Calypso Culottes can be cut at multiple lengths. My lo is wearing the Style A and at pants length. I used a cute corduroy which i found on clearence at Joann’s. I used a contrasting white Cotton velour in the pockets even though she will not use them. One of the great things about this pattern is I dont have to size up for cloth diapers. On my little sisters shorts, I cut the Style A shorts pattern 2 inches longer so she could wear them to school. At 14 she al ready has very long legs and it makes it hard to find shorts that follow the school code and look sharp. I used a Ity double sided knit which is a medium to heavy weight knit. One of the great things about this pattern is i can fit in the size 14 and i wear a size 10 in womens. I think its mainly because Im using knit.

Stitchwerx Roly Poly Pants

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The Stitchwerx Roly Poly Pants are awesome and easy to make. Ok, I dont know who loved this pattern more my son or me. These are a flannel lined jeans with a elastic waist band. I made my sons pants one size longer so he will fit them this winter. Also made the pockets a size bigger so he has more room to put lots of cars in them. With this pattern I can now make both of my boys well fitting pants and not have to worry if they will out grow them fast or if they will be to cold this winter. I’ve already started up-cycling women jeans so i can get a pair of pant for each of my boys of of them. The possibilities and combinations are endless with this pattern.

Haute Skinny Pants

Skinny Pants Tester 1 Skinny Pants Tester 2 Skinny Pants Tester 3 Skinny Pants Tester 5 Skinny Pants Tester 6

Let me say i just adore these Haute Skinny pants, These are my first pair of pant with a hidden zipper and its the first time sewing a hidden zipper. Just to let you in on a secret you do not need a hidden zipper foot i used a regular zipper foot and it turned out perfect. with this pattern the designer Christina Albeck made it to be used as shorts, pedal pushers, capri and full length. though if your short like me 5’4″ you will cut at the capri length so it hits right at the ankle bone. I used a heavy weight poly/rayon knit so it had a 4way stretch but Shirting Fabric or Stretch Denim will be a better choice. Even though this pattern is for intermediate sewers, the designer has a fully comprehensive instructions that a beginner could figure out. I figured out that if I adjusted the front facing by taking off a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in the width you can make it more of a hidden style girdle and change the fabric to one with a 4 way stretch and zig zag or serge the exposed edge. This pattern also has a wonderful  code “skinnypants” for 25% off today through 8/25-2015.

Down On The Farm by Jennilea Designs

DSCF3603DSCF3604DSCF3605DSCF3606DSCF3607DSCF3608DSCF3609Let me tell you, When i first seen the farm print i wasn’t in love with it untill Jennilea Designs sent it to me as a strike off she is located in Australia  . All i can say is my oldest which is 4 is in love with it, he will put in in the washer when hes done wearing it so it can get clean so he can wear it again. there was no color bleeding on my color catcher and less than a 1/4 inch shrinkage. I live the colors in it and did not realize the roosters tail looked like a rainbow till i was trying to find a coordinating fabric. believe it or not i was able to make a romper, 2 shirts and a pair of shorts with a pair of slippers for my middle out of a fat meter. this fabric is a very nice medium-heavy weight

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