DSCF3603DSCF3604DSCF3605DSCF3606DSCF3607DSCF3608DSCF3609Let me tell you, When i first seen the farm print i wasn’t in love with it untill Jennilea Designs sent it to me as a strike off she is located in Australia  . All i can say is my oldest which is 4 is in love with it, he will put in in the washer when hes done wearing it so it can get clean so he can wear it again. there was no color bleeding on my color catcher and less than a 1/4 inch shrinkage. I live the colors in it and did not realize the roosters tail looked like a rainbow till i was trying to find a coordinating fabric. believe it or not i was able to make a romper, 2 shirts and a pair of shorts with a pair of slippers for my middle out of a fat meter. this fabric is a very nice medium-heavy weight