September 2015

The McKenna Bag by Around the Bobbin

DSCN0461 DSCN0462 DSCN0463 DSCN0464 DSCN0465 DSCN0467

I so love this purse, I cant wait for Around The Bobbin to release a matching wallet pattern, so I can make it too. I used vinyl and decor fabric, and used a decorative stitch on my purse too. This pattern can be done by a beginner sewist if you take time to go through every step slowly. This is only my 4 purse I have ever made and it is by far my favorite. It has 3 pockets and 1 zippered pocket. I also has a removable strap. This is a must for a night out or a quick run to the store.


Jearlenes Jumper by Grammies Dolls

DSCN0370 DSCN0378 DSCN0380

I used knit on the blouse, i used corduroy which was upcycled for the jumper, the size 1 fit is equivalent to a 18m. My daughter will be wearing it for thanksgiving, its just to cute. I do love the style of this and the pleating. Grammies Dolls made another hit again.

Katrina Coat by Grammies Dolls

11224512_900340473352997_8124220900244785721_o 11231216_900340610019650_4013753199761089784_o 11850684_900340463352998_908845468625488172_o 11951451_900340646686313_6579944132066472055_o 12030317_900340623352982_8691446911427114903_o

Oh My Goodness, I absolutely love this jacket. there are 2 different lengths and so many different options of fabric. You can dress it up as I did or go a different route and go more casual. This pattern by Grammies Dolls will be released soon.

Imogene Vest and Skirt by Grammies Dolls

10633271_897800860273625_5656253548469786918_o 11030163_897800853606959_376240759178544745_o 11046790_897800930273618_5650858973178766808_o 11951638_897800683606976_5044025118100207169_o 11958041_897800933606951_4622151074847209258_o 12006517_897800920273619_4588532105602640321_o

Imogene Vest and Skirt is so cute. I am going to be searching for new fabric so I can make more. Grammies Dolls is the other pattern brand that fills my daughters closet. I absolutely love ruffles and gathered sleeves for my youngest. Grammies dolls are a must if you do too.

Halifax Hoodie by Hey June

DSCN0384 DSCN0385 DSCN0386

This is the Mom version you ladies have been waiting for. Halifax is the adult version to Hatteras for kids. I used fleece with minimal stretch so I sized up to a large. The black is sweatshirt fleece with no stretch. The pink in the cowl is interlock and ribbed knit for the waist band and wrists. I made mine with thumb holes, love it so much. I already have more in mind to make. There are 5 style for the adult pattern and 3 styles for the kids. This has not been released yet, but will be soon.

The Olivia by Mummykins and Me

11013258_898668510186860_2380993459506519198_o 11027785_898668480186863_4283845256073096446_o 11032133_898668106853567_8416971203962958795_o 11221980_899237393463305_2261712722365234584_o 11230139_901851223201922_1728777742328546208_o 11958200_898668293520215_2467863396654038401_o 12002531_898668096853568_3871819573849578209_o (1) 12002531_898668096853568_3871819573849578209_o 12006601_901851389868572_6803287632718433891_o 12017711_901851283201916_5203925645467711454_o 12022606_899237390129972_5929911722894617394_o 12031533_901851349868576_7812158609618211984_o

The Olivia has been released. There will be a long sleeve addition that should be released here soon, and a possible mommy and me patterns in the near future. In my black and white outfit I used Taffeta, I do recommend you size up on the width and the arms. This works great with knit and woven. My daughter has half of her wardrobe with Mummykins and me patterns as they are my go to so far.

Fun Tee by Sew by Patterns Pieces

DSCF3818 DSCF3822 DSCF3833 DSCF3825 DSCF3824 DSCF3802 DSCF3803 DSCF3804 DSCF3805

This pattern is so easy that, I can throw one of these together in less than 30 minutes. There are 4 different sleeve options, but I favor the gathered sleeve. When I was sewing this up, I learnt of a new and easy way to gather the sleeves with my Serger; it takes 5-10 minutes out of the job. Personal hint: this pattern works great with interlock or knit.  Now for a little background: Sew by Patterns Pieces is a new up-and-coming pattern designer for the everyday average mom. She has been designing patterns since 2000 for small businesses.

Retro Ruffle Swimsuit by Julia Faye

DSCF3539 DSCF3543 DSCF3546 DSCF3548

This is my first ever pattern I tested. Its by Julia Faye. I cant believe it been over 2 months since i started testing patterns for clothing designers. This pattern is so cute, when I first was picked for it I was alittle apprehensive about the ruffles on the bodice and bottoms but once you sew it, it all comes together perfectly. I used a ITY galaxy fabric paired with white swim fabric and used Foe on the arms and neck bands which made it so much easier to sew. Julia is supposed to be coming out with a mommy version and I hope to be able to test it too.

Tester Fabric By Aqua Splash

DSCF3806 DSCF3808 DSCF3809 DSCF3814 DSCF3812 DSCF3811 DSCF3810 DSCF3817 DSCF3816

Okay i cant get enough of this fabric but I missed the pre-order so I will have to stalk the retail when it comes in. I just love how gurly this is and soft. This had very minimal shrinkage 1/4 inch at most, no fading and so soft. Aqua Splash has awesome fabric for girls, boys and has a great line of Adult fabric by Back Room. this is my second attempt at a rolled hem and it actually looks great though i went around the skirt twice. My faux gdiaper is a large and i used snaps instead of velcro which i like so much better. My little raglan fits her great with room to grow

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