Every time I see a pattern maker call for a tester i get excited. You all know the whole #sewupeverything or #sewingpretties thats how I feel. Most patterns i do are for my littlest daughter Tori but every once in awhile i get chosen for a boy pattern or if im super luck which im not, I get chosen for a mommy pattern, but that has happened once and hasn’t seemed to happen again. I am very greatful for the 2 custom knit groups i test for. One is here in the US Aqua Splash and the other is in Australia Jennilea Designs. One of the things i love about Aqua splash is the fact they have a Adult print section, which is awesome. Now because Jennilea is over in Australia so i only get to take part as a tester every once in awhile cause it takes 13 days to get to me, which i wish I could afford the faster shipping so i could partisapate in all testing, its not always possible. She does have very nice medium weight knit and I have yet to have mine fade or get the fuzzies. My go to pattern for girl shirts right now are the Fun Tee by Pattern Pieces, which was her debut pattern. I’ll have that blog on real soon :). Roly Poly by Stitchwerx is my go to for my boy’s pants you can change the linning in them to make them heavy for winter wear or use this pattern to make snow pants, stay tuned for that post. I don,t get alot of sewing done for me cause i have 3 kids and also have my 14yr sister now. My hubby has 16 pairs of boxers by SUAT, and he wants more. My go to pattern for hoodies or pull overs is from Hey June. I’ll post a follow up after I finish this pattern im supposed to be working on and my kids are in bed 🙂