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Being a mom is hard work; it requires 24/7 attention. It hardly gives time for moms to feel sexy or beautiful because we are always putting our kids first and not realizing we stopped doing the little things we loved- trust me, I’ve been there. But now I can also say that I’ve found a way to feel sexy and beautiful and just wanted, and this way is this skirt. The Miriam Skirt is a lifesaver: it let’s me feel good without having to show skin, it’s super classy, and it’s very flattering around the hips and the belly area. Okay, I have a confession to make– before the Miriam Skirt I was a pleated skirt virgin. It was a fun and interesting thing to learn and because of this I sewed the mini and midi versions. The mini is knee length and I used a teal linen; the midi is about two inches below the knee and I used black and white damask. Overall this skirt is perfect for date night or just wanting to feel a little more dressy than usual and here’s a tip, the best way to pull it off is to do it with confidence.