November 2015

Chillax Bottoms by Little Finch

What has a skirt and bottoms? This skort! It also has the options of different length of pant. I went with the longest version because it’s winter and my girl needs to be stylish and warm. You might have to go up a size for a little more room though. Tori loves it and can crawl her heart out for ages (well, until nap time anyway).


Burps N’ Bibs by Pickle Toes Patterns

The angels sing, the clouds part, and pure sunshine leaks through to show a miracle; a bib that actually catches food. This lifesaver doesn’t choke my babies and actually covers more than the upper chest area. It comes in two sizes and comes with an optional pacifier holder. On one side I have cotton velour and on the other side is poly-interlock knit but one could easily use some other easy washable/wipeable fabric. Burps N’ Bibs is the best thing to happen in my household since paper towels.

Lunch Bag by Sew So Easy

Let’s be truthful, most schools aren’t giving our kids the best lunches they could. So most moms take it upon themselves to make their kids lunches, especially for the youngsters. But when it comes to buying a lunch boxes the prices are just outrageous, and there is so many different styles it’s hard to chose which will keep our kids lunch fresh throughout the day. I decided to find a pattern to make a lunch bag that successfully stores food. Sew so easy has made my dreams come alive with this perfect lunch bag. It’s insulated and has room for you to add personal mods. The one pictured didn’t have any mods added but I made one for a my sister with pockets for bottles on the sides and I even hand stitched initials on the front pocket for uniqueness. The inside is laminated fabric which makes for easy cleaning and the next layer can be a special thermal lining or fusible fleece. I used a sun shield as a cheap, easy, and good way to insulate. All in all I love it, my kids love it and we can go to the park more often without complaint.

Better blogs will be forth coming

Well I have been very behind on my blog, and I am very sorry. I have not been able to fulfil my tester obligations. I have acquired my little sister as a helper who excels at writing and proof reading. She will now in charge of my blog because I suck at it. Though everything she write is with my permission and I go over it with her before it is published. I do jot down notes while I am testing any patterns so she can translate my thoughts into a good blog posting. While she is helping me, this will allow me to focus more on my sewing which I love.

The Miriam Skirt By Reyna Lay Designs

DSCN0394 DSCN0406 DSCN0526 DSCN0539

Being a mom is hard work; it requires 24/7 attention. It hardly gives time for moms to feel sexy or beautiful because we are always putting our kids first and not realizing we stopped doing the little things we loved- trust me, I’ve been there. But now I can also say that I’ve found a way to feel sexy and beautiful and just wanted, and this way is this skirt. The Miriam Skirt is a lifesaver: it let’s me feel good without having to show skin, it’s super classy, and it’s very flattering around the hips and the belly area. Okay, I have a confession to make– before the Miriam Skirt I was a pleated skirt virgin. It was a fun and interesting thing to learn and because of this I sewed the mini and midi versions. The mini is knee length and I used a teal linen; the midi is about two inches below the knee and I used black and white damask. Overall this skirt is perfect for date night or just wanting to feel a little more dressy than usual and here’s a tip, the best way to pull it off is to do it with confidence.


Hanna Dress By Wardrobe by Me

DSCN0636 - Copy DSCN0637 DSCN0648 DSCN0651 DSCN0655

Okay, let me just admit this first and foremost; it’s three weeks until Thanksgiving and I didn’t have a fall dress or outfit prepared. If you’re a mom like me you know that I was of course panicking. Everything was perfect and ready– except me. So when this pattern made it’s way into my sights there was no way I wasn’t going to test it; it was exactly what I needed and I knew it. The Hanna Dress┬áis now definitely my go-to holiday dress. I can safely say that Wardrobe by Me knocked the ball out of the park again. While it seemed perfect in every way there was the fact that my youngest is still breast-feeding; to fix this small complication I simply modded the dress. If you don’t know how to do this, check my blog soon for a tutorial.


Pistachio Tee by Sew like My Mom

DSCN0575 DSCN0576 DSCN0577 DSCN0574

The Pistachio Tee— where do I start? Well first of all, the tee is very slim fitting and hugs the sides of the wearer. The tee also has many options to personalize it to the wearer; you can tell in my photos I used the optional patches on the knees and elbows in the shape of hearts to really get the outfit to flow. I also added the flutter sleeves because it made the shirt seem more girly. Of course these aren’t the only customizable part of the pattern there’s also the options of a breast pocket, different elbow patches, sleeve length, and making it a peplum tee. Overall, this pattern really spoke to me because it had many different ways to express the tee; it’s unisex and that allows for multiple uses, especially if you have girls and boys like me.

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